Master Electrician in Douglasville, GA

Your electrical system is a complex and intricate system that powers everything from your lights to your entertainment systems to your appliances. With a working electrical system, you can enjoy all of your modern amenities. When you have electrical issues, however, life isn’t fun. Ranger Electric is here to help. If you need a licensed electrician in the Douglasville, GA, area, we can help.

Our master electrician serving Douglasville, GA

What We Can Do

We have the experience needed to handle any and all electrical services. Do you need a simple repair to fix a light switch in your living room? We can help. Do you need to upgrade your entire circuit board to handle more electrical use? We’ve got your back. Whether your repair or installation need is quick and easy or severe and involved, you can rely on the master electrician at Ranger Electric.

Our team can serve all around Douglasville, GA, and into the surrounding counties, such as Douglas, Carroll, Cobb, Coweta, and Paulding. If you need any electrical help, don’t try dangerous repairs on your own; give us a call today!

What Sets Us Apart

Ranger Electrical is a family-owned and operated business, so we put all of our energy and focus into our customers. Fred Purcell, our owner, has over 30 years of experience in the electrical industry, and we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. So when you hire us for electrical services, you know you’re getting qualified, experienced, and caring help.

Our one and only goal is the satisfaction of our customers. We strive our hardest to exceed your expectations and provide you with an electrical system that is efficient, effective, and reliable for years to come.

If you’re curious about what services we offer, or you want to set up an appointment for a repair or estimate, give us a call at (770) 328-1692. Or you can scroll down and click on our email to contact us that way. Either way, we’re excited to work with you.